A pleasant Vista?


Richard Steel’s CIO blog should give pause for thought to Microsoft. It reveals that Newham council will not be deploying Vista yet because too few of its core applications have been fully tested on the new operating system.

No wonder corporate end users aren’t that keen on Vista if Microsoft hasn’t persuaded its fellow suppliers to get on board.

Add that sort of response to Microsoft’s disappointment over getting its OOXML accepted as a standard by the International Organisation for Standardisation and it could be a sign of the times for Bill Gates and co.

What it certainly does show is that the pressure will be on Microsoft to be more responsive in future to its corporate customers – thoug hit has already changed a lot in this regard – and that is good news for business IT.

Elsewhere, our analysis OpenSolaris will challenge Linux says Sun has sparked off much controversy both in our comments section and on the developers’ site Slashdot, ranging from the relative merits of Solaris and Linux and the future of Java to the place of competition in open source community. Sometimes fascinating, sometimes esoteric, the threads are worth a look.

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