A Chance to Act on ACTA - Now


Despite all the excitement over the Digital Economy Act and minor things like general elections, the great ACTA machine is still grinding away in the background, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.

But there's hope: the European Parliament has shown itself unhappy with the way the process is being conducted, in secret, and without any kind of democratic oversight. And there's a chance today to engage the MEPs further, as the doughty site La Quadrature du Net explains:

The Written declaration 12/2010 was initiated by the Members of European Parliament Françoise Castex (S&D, FR), Alexander Alvaro (ALDE, DE), Stavros Lambrinidis (S&D, GR) and Zuzana Roithová (EPP, CZ). It expresses concern about ACTA by declaring that the negotiated agreement must respect freedom of expression, privacy and Net neutrality (by protecting Internet actors against excessive legal liability). It calls on the Commission to publish all the texts under negotiation.

The challenge is great. There are only three months until July 8th to physically collect signatures of more than half the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). If this happens it will then become the official position of the European Parliament. The more signatures that are collected, the stronger the political message of the declaration will be.

The Written Declaration is short and sweet, so it doesn't take long to read or grasp. And today is one of the magic days when MEPs can easily sign the declaration, which also makes it a good time to urge them to do so. Here's what I've sent to my MEPs using WriteToThem:

This is just a quick note to ask you to sign the Written Declaration 12 on ACTA, which I feel is an important document that deserves your support for the sake of the European electorate and European democracy. The number of MEPs who have signed this is rising steadily, and I would be grateful if you could add your name.

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