A better read....


If you have not started reading the IT’s torch bearer on Computerworld UK, I suggest you do.

It contains a fascinating look at the working life of Richard Steel, CIO of Newham Council in east London, where the 2012 Olympics will be held.

It gives a real insight into the range of issues a public sector CIO has to face – from the fairly mundane to the profound - and Richard doesn’t pull his punches.

Today's entry raises important questions about identity management, the use of benchmarking in the public sector and it also questions the value of e-auctions.

Richard is fairly unique among public sector IT leaders in having moved from the City to a local authority, and the move has perhaps given him a different view to that of many public sector IT leaders.

He also has the proven ability to blog regularly – unlike the vast majority of us who solemnly undertake to commit our thoughts to writing everyday……

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