What a week: top stories you may have missed

It has been a busy week for IT departments coping with a flurry of patches from major vendors.


Government IT projects have been under the spotlight as MPs push through hearings and rush out reports before they break for the summer.

Meanwhile there has been an interesting insight into how the Silicon Valley giants catch and keep their staff.

Catch up with these stories and all this week's news for IT directors and managers at ComputerworldUK.com.

Editor’s choice

Novell promises protection to Linux users worried by Microsoft’s GPLv3 stand

Arguments continue though no Suse software is yet licensed under GPLv3

New tool lets criminals set up phishing sites in seconds

UK is the number two hot spot for phishing attacks for the fifth consecutive month

The 10 biggest technology flops of the past 40 years

Some things live up to the hype, these didn’t…

Readers’ choice

What Microsoft learnt from Google’s work culture

Can you attract staff from rivals with free lunches and coloured paint?

Child Support Agency IT will cost £320m to fix say MPs

New agency will still have to run old, failed IT systems

UK firm close to unlocking the iPhone

Belfast firm working round the clock on fix

Microsoft Open Office XML spec 'dangerously flawed'

Spreadsheet standard not up to scratch, argues critic

Sacked chief explains IT fiasco over farm payments

Rural Agency former chief executive says it was always a ‘high risk affair’

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From IT recruitment ‘crisis’ is holding back businesses

“I'm an IT Consultant and specialise in Enterprise Application Development. Despite this (skills) 'shortage' I'm not seeing the industry reacting to this in any way really. Rates are being squeezed and frankly they really do not want to pay. Fiveyears ago I was on a higher rate, yet now I am much higher qualified, experienced and performing a very much higher responsibility role…”

Digging deeper: Security update

Sun patch strategy 'leaves Java users vulnerable'

Staggered releases leave attack window wide open.

IE versus Firefox in security blame game

Who's to blame for browser bug? IE or Firefox?

Microsoft patches five critical bugs

Critical Active Directory holes top Patch Tuesday's 11 patch list

Adobe fixes critical Flash bugs

First Flash patch in three months

Digging Deeper: Open source update

Dell will sell Linux on PCs outside of US

PC giant hopes to emulate enthusiastic US response elsewhere

Linux official lines up with Microsoft against GPLv3

'Too many owners of Linux' to change basis of free software license

Digging deeper: Your career

Is there room for women in the IT workforce?

Despite the talk women find it hard to step back into IT and recapture their careers

IT recruitment ‘crisis’ is holding back businesses

Work is needed to create more technology experts

Reassess IT skills to push communications rather than code

Industry is demanding business-centric candidates. Are you up to the mark?

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IE versus Firefox in security blame game What a week: Top stories you may have missed