What a week: top stories you may have missed

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Microsoft takes seven years to deliver security patch

SAP users unconvinced by promise of extra value from support

Women leaving UK IT jobs in droves, says BCS

Enterprise architecture: Learn from the chicken

Dramatic decline in spam as ISP removed from Internet

Reader's choice

Massive web attack targets thousands of servers

Facebook hit with Nigerian 419 scam

IT 'grossly underestimating' unstructured data growth

Microsoft offers zero-percent financing for ERP and CRM

Microsoft denies paying contractor to keep Linux out of Africa

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Hart of Outsourcing

A time for reflection

Open Enterprise

Novell's Faustian Pact

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Friends in the north

Hearts and Minds

Give me that Web 2.0 Experience

Digging Deeper: Virtualisation

Gartner: Private cloud networks are the future

Hillingdon goes green with virtualisation

VMware makes mobile phones virtual

EMC switches on Cloud 2.0 storage

Ncomputing virtualisation system lets 11 users share single PC

Digging Deeper: Security

Windows XP PCs crippled by botched anti-virus update

Security fears undermine SOA plans

Ten percent of DNS servers vulnerable

Major vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure exposed

Systems adminstrator arrested for extortion

Digging Deeper: Enterprise IT

Datacentre managers look for single view

Microsoft prepares Apple Apps Store-like initiative

SAP ships fourth ERP enhancement pack

Microsoft struggles with vulnerability exploit predictions

Novell launches Linux 'civil war' with Red Hat attack

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed