What a week: top stories you may have missed

Security breaches, the hunt for best value from your investments and the extradition of the UK's most notorious hacker - these are just some of the stories this week.


Editor's Highlights

Most IT staff would steal company secrets: survey

Update: Bank details of 1m customers found on £35 computer

HP completes EDS purchase

FSA warns banks to keep back office staff

IT security and the separation of duties

Reader's choice

Bloomberg accidentally kills Steve Jobs

'Distraught' hacker loses US extradition appeal

US terror threat system ‘crippled’ by technical flaws

Hackers attack those taking revenge on phishers

Police to get access to child protection database

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Beware geeks bearing gifts

Google backtracks on Eclipse and Mozilla licences

IT and assisted living

Home Office data security blunder shows importance of SLAs

Test driven development as high-jump

Digging Deeper: Enterprise applications

SAP extends maintenance deal to thousands of R/3 customers

Infosys buys UK SAP specialist for £407m

Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 on target for launch

Citrix upgrades flagship software

Forrester: Poor database archiving is compliance risk

Digging Deeper: Browser wars

Microsoft warns of IE8 lock-in problems

Embedded software: Innovation and commoditisation

Why Firefox will be ubiquitous

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 auto-update begins

Mozilla extensions simplify mashup deployment

Digging Deeper: Open source in tough times

Open source in an economic downturn

Ignoring open source will put companies at a serious competitive disadvantage - Gartner

Tactical open source for now...strategic open source later?


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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed