What a week: top stories you may have missed

A bad week for Gary McKinnon, who faces the prospect of US prison for breaking into its military computers. Also in security news, we bust two spammers in an in-depth interview.


Editor's Highlights

NASA hacker loses extradition appeal

HMRC denies IT-related £2.8bn tax credit loss

Microsoft funds Apache to promote open source

Ryanair blames system error for breaking fare rules

Aviva extends cost savings as IT delivers on promise

Reader's choice

San Francisco DA reveals city's network passwords

Security experts criticise Apple for not patching DNS bug

Land Registry to cull number of IT suppliers

SAP maintenance backlash grows

Open source software fired into IBM top-10 vulnerability list

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Digging Deeper: SAP

SAP denies maintenance hike is cost-generating ploy

SAP, Oracle price hikes open door for licence optimisation

SAP Users' Group leader preaches collaboration

Digging Deeper: Security

The tale of two busted spammers

Companies struggle to keep data safe

Hackers start DNS attacks, researcher says

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