What a week: top stories you may have missed

The core of the internet is under threat, CIOs are tightening their belts, while end user organisations are angry at vendor price rises. For these and more stories, read on.


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CIOs preparing to cut jobs and investment

Why IT worker took control of San Francisco's networks

Major Internet flaw details posted by accident

Microsoft wants to steal 5 million Notes customers

SAP maintenance backlash grows

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Criminal records and a sense of proportion

BT Calls on Open Source

Thoughts on the open source database market

Data centers as energy exporters, not energy sinks

Digging Deeper: Security

MoD loses sensitive laptop from hotel

Open source software a security risk, study claims

Fujitive 'spam king' shot dead

SMBs underestimate extent of cybercrime

Stolen tape puts Bristol-Myers employee data at risk

Digging Deeper: Software quality

Faulty complex in-house software is costing companies, says IDC

Design flaws could put banks at risk

Borland beefs up ALM toolkit

Getting projects under control

Five Web 2.0 developer lessons for enterprise IT

Digging Deeper: Management

Forrester: Enterprises reject Vista like 'new Coke'

Pentagon's IT has its head in the cloud

Metrics and measurement for IT

SAP ends itsTomorrowNow, Oracle poaching debacle

Ten reasons why people make SOA fail

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed