What a week: top stories you may have missed

Think IT doesn't matter? Try asking the board at the Bradford & Bingley "Antiquated IT" helped create a financial disaster at the bank this week. Meanwhile Bill Gates said farewell to thousands of his developer fans.


Editor's Highlights

Bradford & Bingley debacle caused by 'hopelessly antiquated IT'

How to sell security

Bank loses 4.5 million unencrypted customer records

IT directors increasingly frustrated at software procurement process

Ballmer: Software development is too complex

Reader's choice

Bill Gates' goodbye speech

Commission pilots EU-wide electronic ID scheme

Microsoft extends XP reprieve

Sun prepares to strip hard drives from servers

Intel: A long history of antitrust battles

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Identity politics

Munich Makes Good

Controlling the code

Is SaaS Green?

Microsoft Backtracks Further on Windows XP

Digging Deeper: Security

Smartphones ‘bigger security risk’ than laptops

Targetted phishing attacks net 15,000 victims

Apple takes wraps off Leopard security guide

Wal-Mart website hit by Flash hole

US datacentre back after explosion

Digging Deeper: Virtualisation

Credit Suisse spin-off manages virtual infrastructure

Citrix and partners debut products at Synergy

Unisys unveils first AMD server, new virtualisation services

Digging Deeper: Operating systems

Microsoft Patch Tuesday will fix Bluetooth and IE flaws

Windows XP SP3 misses vital security patch

Ubuntu Remixes Linux for mobile users

Microsoft make Windows 7 testing mandatory

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed