What a week: top stories you may have missed

Security and outsourcing have continued to dominate this week's news.


We have also had a warning about the downside of virtualisation. It delivers enormous benefits but also brings risks we should be aware of.

Editor's highlights

Morrisons picks Oracle for IT transformation

Sets five-year timetable for systems overhaul

Virtual servers 'pose security risk'

Replicating virtual servers can let attackers in...

Firefox 3.0 beta plugs memory leaks says Mozilla

Essential work if browser is to succed in mobile world

The weakest link

Still a communication gap between business and IT

Société Générale: Poor IT security was to blame says bank

Biometric authentication required says preliminary report

Readers choice

Skipton: No punishment for loss of 14,000 customer details

Info commisioner agrees 'undertakings' after laptop theft

Yahoo uses redundancy as poison pill defence against Microsoft

New packages offer generous terms in event of takeover

Software vendors slammed for licence abuse

Microsoft, Apple and McAfee EULAs under fire

Wage cut prompts online protest at IBM

'Pay remix' angers IBM staff

Software 'glitch' causes baggage chaos at Heathrow

Both sorting machines brought to a halt

From our blogs:

Open enterprise: Interview: Stefane Fermigier

CIO: Can we switch to Vista in time?

Hart of outsourcing: Outsourcing meets cost but not strategic objectives

OS hearts and minds: The long tail of open source

Digging deeper: Vista SP1

SP1 does little for Vista compatibility, says study

Windows XP SP3 available to public

Microsoft rolls out software-plus-services model

Microsoft targets next generation developers with free software

Digging deeper: Green IT

Microsoft 'to launch Yahoo proxy fight'

Sony hits greenhouse gas emission cuts target early

Checklist for the economic green datacentre

The 2% Solution: IT and the new low carb diet

Microsoft: How we run a greener IT environment

Digging deeper: Open source

Linux will dominate UK schools within 5 years

Sun touts its open-source offerings

SCO to get $100m bailout but law suits to continue

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