Vendor boosts Citrix and Windows management

Service management vendor eG Innovations will upgrade its software to pinpoint performance issues in Microsoft and Citrix terminal server.


Service management vendor eG Innovations will upgrade its software to pinpoint performance issues in Microsoft and Citrix terminal server.

eG Enterprise Suite 3.3 can detect where things go wrong along the service delivery chain - a challenging task in a terminal server environment, says Srinivas Ramanathan, company president. Citrix Presentation Server and Microsoft Windows Terminal Services deliver applications from a centralised server or group of servers over the network to client machines.

"We have added domain expertise around Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services to help IT operations and help desk staff figure out where the real problem is, in what IT domain," he says. "We look across the silos at the end-to-end service to spot anomalies in behaviour."

The software can work in either an agent or agentless model, residing on the server to be managed. The package monitors network and Web applications, as well as back-end databases and application servers to learn the normal behavioor of modelled services. Customers can use a drag-and-drop Web interface to build services and the software can alert when out-of-the-ordinary events occur.

Aimed at IT operations and help desk staff, the software spots applications and users consuming excessive system resources. The Enterprise Suite provides reports on a specific server's activity as well as the overall infrastructure to show usage trends, identify hot spots and plan for future capacity. This version also monitors availability and response time for each step of user interaction, the company says.

"The product touches each silo, but it is critical to report to help desk staff about where application performance is breaking down," Ramanathan says.

eG Enterprise Suite 3.3 competes with management software makers such as BMC, CA, HP, IBM and startups such as iConclude and Citrix and its Reflectent Software acquisition, which resulted in the vendor's Citrix EdgeSight for Endpoints product.

Ramanathan, who previously worked at HP Research Labs in Palo Alto, says the software will integrate with customer's existing management tools from the likes of HP and IBM. The vendor, founded in 2001, lists JP Morgan Chase, the US State Department and Kroger among its more than 100 customers to date.

eG Enterprise Suite 3.3 is expected to be available in late February. Pricing is based on a per-agent or agentless monitor and starts at $625 per operating system being monitored in the US.

For more information, our sister site Techworld has a comprehensive network monitoring resource page.

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