U.S. workers outdo overseas counterparts, according to survey


U.S.-based IT and business services workers show more initiative, are more innovative and have a better understanding of the business than offshore workers, according to a new study from consulting firm HfS Research.

These qualities are helping to boost use of domestic IT services, especially as companies move to cloud-based IT systems, HfS said in its report, "Around the World and Back Again: Sourcing Services in the USA."

Domestic workers also work harder than their offshore counterparts, though not by much, according to the report, which is based on a survey of 235 "enterprise buyers" (corporate executives who make or influence business operations and outsourcing decisions) and 270 executives from providers of outsourcing services who invest in locations around the world.

Some 83% of the enterprise buyer respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed that their U.S.-based staffers are "hardworking," while 79% expressed the same sentiment about non-U.S.-based staffers.

"U.S.-based workers more often exhibit skills deemed most relevant to productivity," the HfS report said.

In most areas associated with productivity, survey respondents reported that U.S.-based staffers exceeded offshore staff by wide margins. When the survey looked at specific IT services functions, the findings narrowed some, but U.S.-based workers still came out ahead.

This version of this story was originally published in Computerworld's print edition. It was adapted from an article that appeared earlier on Computerworld.com.

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