Uptime adds VMWare virtual monitoring

Uptime Software is updating its monitoring software to support VMware's Virtual Infrastructure 3.


Uptime Software is updating its monitoring software to support VMware's Virtual Infrastructure 3.

The Canadian company's marketing manager Nick Johnson told us the update would come in the form of a free server pack for existing customers - of which there are 350 across the US and Europe including Vodafone and a number of banks.

The agent-based monitoring system shows managers how server farms are performing and provide information for remedial action if necessary. It also provides capacity planning and can profile server farms and help sysadmins plan consolidation projects, according to Johnson. For example, Johnson said, you can assess what resources are being used by a particular platform - whether hardware or software - and derive from this a consolidation plan using virtualisation. Reporting factors include CPU, memory, network, and disk I/O.

Once a server is virtualised, Johnson said the software can use its Web-based monitor to view in detail how virtual servers are performing, if they're being migrated around the server farm by the virtualisation management software, and how much system resources they're consuming. This then enables you to see how well the virtualised infrastructure is managing itself, and if necessary re-configure it for a more efficient use of available resources.

According to Johnson, the system's key differentiators are that it allows IT managers to monitor thousands of servers, and it retains performance data over long periods of time - two years or longer. This is becoming increasingly useful for compliance reasons, he said. A number of views are available, including hardware or software types, or by business unit, for example.

It supports a number of platforms, from x86, Sun Sparc and IBM Power servers running Windows, Linux. Solaris, AIX or HPO/UX up through the stack to applications including VMware VMs, WebLogic, WebSphere and Microsoft Exchange.

Johnson said the company plans to launch a new version in April or May that provides SLA reporting, so IT managers can check the extent to which they're keeping within their SLAs.

Uptime competes with Nimsoft, Microsoft Operations Manager, HP OpenView, and CA UniCenter. The system is priced at $695 per system monitor, falling to $175 for 500 stations or more. It's available from 7 February.

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