UK business fails to realise IT value

British business is failing to reap the rewards of IT Innovation according to the UK CIOs surveyed by the National Computing Centre forum, CIO Connect.


These findings of the CIO Connect Census 2007 have led to calls from the research authors for closer cooperation between the boardroom and IT leaders to unlock the potential of British business.

“These findings suggest that a gulf still exists between expressed and real commitment from the Board and senior business managers when it comes to promoting and pushing through important IT changes,” said Nick Kirkland, CIO Connect managing director.

“There is a requirement from business leaders to innovate for commercial success and there is a real desire from CIOs to use IT to help make this transformation. The challenge is getting CEOs and CIOs talking the same language, about the same business challenges, earlier enough in the process to allow IT to make a difference. Addressing this challenge is at the heart of CIO Connect’s agenda for 2007.”

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