Touch screen laptop round up

We've picked out the best news and views on touchscreen interfaces. Come see what the fuss is about.


Mouse and keyboard have served us faithfully for many years, but all good things must come to an end. While the advent of slick new user interfaces hasn't done away with our trusty button bashing yet, it's just the first step along the road of re-thinking the way we work with computers. Gone are the days when "touchscreen input" meant fiddling with a stylus, or selecting the wrong option every two seconds. With the launch of Windows 7, we see the first foray into touch-friendly operating systems, which is sure to catch on in a big way.

So come with us now on a journey into the wonderful world of screen-poking, pinch-zooming and flicking.

Acer offers Windows 7 touchscreen laptop
Microsoft's new OS powers first multitouch device

Microsoft develops multi-touch mouse
Mouse 2.0 prototype uses an infrared camera to detect finger movements, ensuring users don't have to invest in a touchscreen.

Intel embeds extra screens in laptop
OLED touchscreens for everyone.

Toshiba unveils instant-on tablet PC
JournE has 14-hour battery life.

Pegatron to show 10in touchscreen netbook
Low-power laptop to run on Freescale chip.

Asus to launch XP, Windows 7 tablet netbook
Asus Eee PC T91 to hit the UK this summer.

Google shows off 'eyes-free' touchscreen dialing
Google has launched a whole Eyes-Free Shell project devoted to touch.

Microsoft invests in multitouch company
Windows 7 also supports multitouch technology.

Dell Latitude XT2 tablet debuts
Longer battery life multitouch tablet has Windows XP and SSD options.

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