RBS launches emergency-cash ATM service

Those affected by lost or stolen cards will be able to access cash


The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, whose banks brands include NatWest and RBS, has launched a service that offers one-time ATM access to customers who have their debit cards lost or stolen.

The service allows the bank's customers to phone the usual helpline and be issued a single-use security number that will enable a withdrawal of up to £300 without a card by from an ATM within three hours. The service is free over the Christmas period but will cost £5 after 11 January.

Customers will be asked three security questions in order to access the service.

The system works by getting customers to press any of the six blank (numberless) keys on one of the group's ATMs (inlcuding RBS, NatWest, Ulster Bank and Tesco Personal Finance). This will call up an ‘emergency cash’ screen for the customer to key in their assigned code and follow the on-screen instructions to access their cash.

Paul Geddes, CEO of consumer banking at RBS group, said the service would "provide customers with a lifeline when they have lost their debit card or had it stolen and need urgent access to the funds in their bank account.

"It’s really simple, secure and completely unique,” he said.

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