Pepsi outsources B2B management

PepsiAmericas has taken on new managed services to support the beverage manufacturer’s current and future B2B trading requirements.


PepsiAmericas has taken on new managed services to support the beverage manufacturer’s current and future business-to-business (B2B) trading requirements.

The company does business with hundreds of retailers that have a wide variety of B2B processes and capabilities, ranging from fully automated B2B integration platforms to manual processes such as telephone and fax.

With e-commerce-enabled partners, the bottler exchanges a variety of transaction types including purchase orders, invoices and electronic payments. The new managed service provision from GXS will maintain PepsiAmericas' existing e-commerce program and will enable the company to expand its electronic trading network to additional retail customers, product suppliers, logistics providers, financial institutions and brand owners.

GXS also will assist PepsiAmericas in adding new transaction types, such as advanced shipping notices, price catalogue entries, product movement and item/price synchronisation. Through the managed service, Pepsi will be able to provide improved service to its retail customer base and will be able to respond more quickly to new business opportunities and communicate with larger retailers using internet-based protocols such as AS2 and FTP, as well as with smaller retailers via e-mail, electronic data interchange (EDI) or web portals.

"The selection of GXS Managed Services is a key component of our multi-year initiative to transform our B2B order processing capabilities," said David Van Volkenburg, director of business solutions at PepsiAmericas. "In the past, we treated our B2B transaction processing simply as a necessary function of our business. We realised we could drive revenue and reduce costs by deploying a more efficient and advanced solution, as well as provide new offerings to our customers such as item or price synchronisation and advanced ship notice.

“We now view our new B2B network as a tool for growth and opportunity, all while improving and adding new services to our customer base."

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