PC maker Evesham Technology dissolved

Evesham Technology, the PC maker, has been dissolved after going into administration.


Troubled UK PC manufacturer Evesham Technology has finally been dissolved.

The company was put into administration on 4 January this year, but according to Companies House, was dissolved on 30 January. Its website has also been taken down.

"All assets of the companies have now been realised," said DTE's Leonard Curtis, which was handling the administration.

The PC maker officially declared that it had gone into receivership in August 2007 following several months of speculation.

However, the brand continued trading under the Geemore Technology name following a $22m investment from TimeUK founder Tahir Mohsan.

The brand was then put up for sale in February last year, but a buyer never emerged and by April the company had stopped taking orders for PCs.

The administrators revealed that Mohsan has received £4.1m from the sale of building and land and £1,000 had been recovered from Bentley Jennison Business Solution, a company Evesham Technology had invested in.

However, £62,685.76 in unpaid wages is still outstanding and is now being handled by the Insolvency Service.

The administrators also said "insufficient funds" means a number of creditors will see their debts remain unsettled.

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