Kaspersky offers anti-virus for mobiles

Kaspersky Lab has produced new anti-virus software specifically for mobile phones.


Kaspersky Lab has produced new anti-virus software specifically for mobile phones.

The new Anti-Virus Mobile software will cover Windows Mobile and Symbian phone and be officially launched next week at the RSA Conference 2007 in San Francisco.

It includes signatures downloaded to the devices over their Internet connections, either via WAP or the Net. The updates can be installed using a scheduler or by hand. It includes screening of spam sent via SMS and can restrict incoming messages according to a blacklist or whitelist (banned or approved).

More malware screening will be added as it becomes more apparent which exploits mobile hackers choose to use, said the company CTO Eugene Kaspersky. "We don't know which way the criminals will go. With new technologies, it is probable there will be new attacks."

At the moment, Kaspersky says, neither makers of mobile devices nor service providers are taking responsibility for blocking threats. But he predicts that in the future, the security model will mimic that for computers: hardware providers, service providers and customers all will have specialised offerings for mobile computing.

So far, Kaspersky says he has seen viruses that send SMS messages from smart phones to numbers that charge the sender. As more businesses, including banks, offer services via smart phones, criminals will pay more attention, he says.

"In the future, as prices drop and smart phones are more common, the situation will become more critical," Kaspersky says. Anti-Virus Mobile will be available later this quarter and will cost $30 per user.

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