IT executives pan storage vendors for not being green

Storage vendors should be doing more to improve the energy efficiency of their products, said 84% of UK IT executives in a survey.


Storage vendors should be doing more to improve the energy efficiency of their products, according to 84% of UK IT executives polled in a survey.

And 60% of those IT executives said their own organisations were interested in finding more energy efficient ways of managing data storage resources.

The survey, part of BridgeHead Software’s annual Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Audit, shows a greater demand for greener products from vendors.

Most IT executives (70%) also admitted better management of their storage resources could reduce energy consumption.

Concern over power costs (73%) was the most common reason organisations gave for wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their storage. Concern for the environment came second, highlighted by 57%, followed by power capacity worries (35%).

Many organisations need to archive data such as emails to meet compliance and disaster recovery pressures, said Tony Cotterill CEO of BridgeHead Software. A lot of archiving activity is currently championed by finance and other business departments outside of IT’s control. But few organisations are archiving for energy efficiency or cost considerations.

Cotterill said many organisations needlessly hold too much data on "power hungry disk based storage systems" and most departments could improve energy efficiency by cutting the data they hold on spinning disk.

"Sixty-one percent of organisations in our survey admit that between 30% to 50% of data on their primary disk is unlikely to be accessed ever again. While they may need to keep this data for legal or regulatory reasons, they can save power by taking it off to tape, optical disk, removable disk or other systems which do not consume power unless being accessed. Organisations should be looking at defining and implementing archiving rules to move everything off primary storage that is old or infrequently accessed," said Cotterill.

BridgeHead claims IT needs to move away from point solutions towards an enterprise-wide approach that looks at archiving all data types across the whole organisation to get a green benefits. “Only when you start taking an organisation-wide approach to archiving will the volume of data you’re taking off the primary store stack up so that you begin to make a real difference in terms of energy savings,” said Cotterill.

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