IT buyers outline priorities

Single sign-on, identity management and network access control have topped a poll of concerns of enterprise IT buyers published for October


Single sign-on, identity management and network access control have topped a poll of concerns of enterprise IT buyers published for October by research and analysis firm Freeform Dynamics.

Those responses representing companies of more than 5,000 employees from the 2,026 given by IT industry readers of The Register website to form its monthly Barometer survey also highlight virtualisation, mobile and converged communications and application integration among the top ten hot topics for October.

“The results of this barometer study underline the liveliness of the current enterprise market for advanced infrastructure related solutions in a number of areas,” the analyst firm said.

The solutions it characterised included the move to advanced security solutions. This market’s growth sees companies moving from technologies aimed at the passive lock-down approach to solutions that enable a more integrated and policy driven security management strategy, it said in the research.

It also noted the drive for operational efficiency continues unabated, highlighted by the prominence of technologies such as server virtualisation, storage virtualisation and blade computing architectures in the top ten.

“As consolidation and rationalisation continues in data centres in particular, the value of such technologies for boosting utilisation rates, reducing complexity and lowering operational overhead and cost comes into sharp focus,” said Freeform.

It added: “Advanced communication solutions such as IP telephony and mobile computing, particularly with regard to handheld devices, are now gaining serious traction and are firmly on the agenda of many enterprise organisations.”

    Tech Barometer enterprise top ten

  1. Single sign-on
  2. Identity management
  3. Network access control
  4. Storage virtualisation
  5. Server virtualisation
  6. Portals and composite apps
  7. IP PBX or business IPT
  8. Advanced authentication
  9. Blade server technology
  10. Handheld mobile solutions

Otherwise, it noted a significant amount of interest in portal technologies and composite applications, which, as with advanced communications, is driven by business flexibility needs. “Related to this, the role of service oriented architecture (SOA) is only just being realised, but we anticipate interest in this area to increase over time as it goes hand in hand with many of the other trends we are seeing.

“At the other end of the spectrum, there are some solution areas that have yet to make it onto the Enterprise agenda in a convincing manner. Software as a service (SaaS) falls into this category, as do many of the open source related options, with the obvious exception of Linux on the server,” it said.

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