Intel Developer Forum update

Get up to speed with the news from this week's Intel Developer Forum in Beijing


The two-day Intel Developer Forum being held in Beijing, China, will discuss everything from energy efficient processors to emerging mobile technologies.

Chip maker Intel will also announce its latest products and upcoming developments. You can keep up to date with all the latest news and analysis from the forum here.

Intel calls for increased cooperation over mobile spectrum Developer Forum warned of problems caused by proliferation of mobile technologies

Intel says Penryn chip increases PC speed by 40% Chip features to be shrunk to 45nm

Intel Developer Forum, Beijing.

Developers listen to the keynote address at the forum in Beijing.

Intel’s fastest processor hits 2 teraflops New chip intended for military and scientific research

Intel Developer Forum: Only the strong survive Chip giant slashes developer events - is pace of innovation slowing?

Intel plans powerful x86 chip with multiple cores Clever chip but where is the commercial application?

Intel to announce ultra mobile platform at Developer Forum Speculation mounts ahead of Beijing developer event

Intel to demonstrate new non-volatile memory Prototype chips set to replace dynamic RAM

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Intel launches tablet chip research centre with China's Tencent Intel to offer ultramobile solid state storage