Eutelsat to bring satellite broadband to rural Britain

Eutelsat, a provider of satellite telecommunications, plans to bring satellite broadband to rural Britain with 10Mbps packages coming in 2010.


Eutelsat Communications, a provider of satellite telecommunications, is to bring 2 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband access to rural areas of the UK.

Tooway, which costs £29.99 per month, offers broadband access via a small satellite dish and a modem, which is connected to the PC by ethernet. Eutelsat said that the satellite connection can be bundled with TV and VoIP (voice over IP) telephony service if required.

"Tooway will help make Lord Carter's vision for Digital Britain a reality by revolutionising the consumer market for satellite internet access," said Arduino Patacchini, director of multimedia and value added services at Eutelsat, in reference to the recent Digital Britain report, which described a plan for nationwide minimum broadband speeds of 2Mbps.

The company also revealed that it planned to offer 10Mbps services throughout Britain by 2010.

Eutelsat has a fleet of 27 geostationary satellites reaching two thirds of the world population.

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