Elonex to launch £99 student laptop in the UK

Students will soon be able to buy a £99 laptop.


Students will soon be able to buy a £99 laptop.

Elonex’s The One laptop will be launched at the Education Show, which takes place from 28 February to 1 March in Birmingham.

The laptop, which will run on Linux, will include a 7in screen, 1GB flash-based hard drive, wireless access and a rubberised keyboard, which can be detached to create a tablet PC. The laptop is expected to offer a three-hour battery life and will weigh just less than 1kg.

"The One removes the cost barrier that has prevented the one-laptop-per-person, large-scale uptake of computers in the education system that has for so long been just a pipe-dream. Investment in digital technology is paramount to help the next generation achieve their full potential," said Sam Goult, marketing manager at Elonex.

It is expected that a digital USB wristband offering up to 8GB of memory and a version of the laptop with a Bluetooth connection will be available as optional extras.

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