DCMI launches datacentre migration service

A new service from DCMI will take the pain out of datacentre migration, the company claims.


A new service from DCMI will take the pain out of datacentre migration, the company claims.

Its service and software combination can save companies up to 60 per cent of the time and up to 40 per cent of the effort that it takes to consolidate or migrate a datacentre from one facility to another, DCMI said.

As the trend towards consolidation continues, datacentre migration is likely to be an increasing requirement for enterprises, according to Aaron Davis at datacentre infrastructure vendor APC. "There's a lot of it about," said DCMI CEO and founder Martin Williams. "Five or six of our customers are doing this and BP is in the process of consolidating 170 datacentres globally down to three."

According to DCMI, its system handles the whole process. It examines the existing setup from the power sockets to the business functions underway, and produces a list of tasks that need to be performed, from reconfiguring routers to ensuring there's enough space reserved on a rack for a particular server. The longest list produced so far was about 30,000 items long, said Williams.

Its customers are said to include big telcos and financial services companies - although the company was unable to divulge the names of any of them. DCMI also claimed uniqueness. "DCMI is the only datacentre migration software and methodology available", said Williams. "DCMI's tools and services are specifically geared to assist with large-scale, planned migration and consolidation projects."

Although most migrations are performed in partnership between the customer and their IT service providers, without the right tools and expertise, such operations can be time-consuming, costly and risky, Williams said, which is why he set up DCMI.

"I have undertaken several datacentre moves and I know from first-hand experience that datacentre migration and consolidation is extremely complex and expensive," he said. "It always seemed odd to me that there was no software solution to make it an easier and cheaper process. By solving those problems, we have made it an easy choice for IT organisations to use DCMI rather than the more time-consuming and expensive methods used currently."

Williams said his management team brings a combined total of over 90 years of IT experience to the datacentre migration issue and includes hands-on experience from HP, EMC, Oracle, Lehman Bros, UBS, Deutsche Bank and Reuters. The price depends on the project, said Williams.

DCMI also announced a relationship with Unisys, which will resell DCMI's technology. The deal will allow Unisys access to DCMI's technology, methodologies and experience in reducing the workload, risk and cost of datacentre migration. It will initially cover the United Kingdom, with potential to become a global agreement.

Unisys sales manager Clive Croft said: "Unisys is in a very strong position as the first systems integrator to work with DCMI's solution, which combined with the Unisys discovery and assessment tools will give us a head-start in the emerging market for datacentre migration software. The datacentre migration software is something that IT organisations have been crying out for and we are confident that most IT professionals will very quickly recognise the significant benefits this solution can deliver to any datacentre project."

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