Data de-duplication technology takes off

The use of de-duplication technology is rising fast as end users move to virtualise storage.


The use of de-duplication technology is rising fast as end users move to virtualise storage.

According to storage vendor Network Appliance (NetApp) the de-duplication adoption rate among its customers has tripled since November 2007, reaching more than 3,500 systems and 100 petabytes (PB) of raw storage capacity.

NetApp claims more than 1,000 customers have deployed de-duplication across all tiers of data, including primary, backup, and archival data.

De-duplication technology allows users to eliminate redundant data quickly to improve space and power efficiencies, and reduce the amount of raw storage required.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst, Heidi Biggar, said there is a definite trend in the to virtualise storage environments.

“Organisations are embracing de-duplication because of the efficiencies it provides their organizations, significantly reducing the amount of physical capacity that must be purchased and managed," she said.

Dexma, a US-based company that creates and hosts mortgage lending software for financial institutions, has leveraged de-duplication to help realise greater data storage management capabilities.

By combining NetApp and VMware solutions, Dexma has created a virtual environment that enhances storage provisioning and increases its ability to more easily scale its storage system to meet its data management needs.

The installation of NetApp de-duplication in September 2007 by Dexma has freed up crucial disk space to be used by other applications, according to the David Waterhouse, the company's senior system administrator.

"We were able to decrease our storage requirements for our customer file retention by 35 percent," Waterhouse said.

"This has had a direct effect on our bottom line."

NetApp claims it is the only major storage and data management vendor to embed de-duplication technology across its entire line of storage systems and offer it free to customers.

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