CIOs hold the key to staff retention

With technology playing an ever-greater part in workers’ lives, it’s CIOs who hold the key to helping businesses hang on to their staff


Staff retention has been the concern of HR in the past, but a new multi-disciplinary approach is being driven by the vital contribution the CIO can make towards employee satisfaction.

Enabling flexible and remote working is one example, promoting a team culture through setting up social networking systems is another, while making the organisation more environmentally friendly is a third.

The top challenges for retaining staff are managing a changing demographic and retaining the cream of a dwindling pool of young staff, while holding on to the older baby boomers, according to Boston Consulting Group. It came to this conclusion in its report for the European Association for Personnel Management, Key challenges through 2015.

It also identified managing work-life balance as one of the top five challenges in keeping staff. “Employees are increasingly selecting – or rejecting – jobs based on how well they can achieve work-life balance or advance personal goals and values,” it says.

“In order to attract and retain highly talented individuals, companies will therefore need to offer flexible work arrangements. They will also need to appeal to employees’ growing desire to derive a sense of greater purpose from their work.”

The report recommends companies implementing programmes that allow employees to work from home and that advance corporate social responsibility.

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