BP extends store network services deal

BP has extended a major network services deal with HughesNet for five years.


BP has extended a major network services deal with HughesNet for five years.

The contract covers the management of networks and broadband devices in 16,000 BP petrol stations in the UK, US, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. It also covers new petrol stations as they open.

BP has contracted HughesNet as network service provider since 1994, and the deal expands work until 2014.

BP petrol stations use both fixed line and wireless broadband technology to connect data to the company’s regional offices for management information.

The service is designed to offer cost savings while delivering what HughesNet called “bandwidth-intensive applications”. Under the system, these systems can include real time fuel monitoring, and comprehensive store and electronic point of sale data.

The broadband services are delivered to BP via satellite, and European network management is handled at HughesNet’s operations centre in Germany and facilities in the UK and Italy.

BP also uses in-store software from Retalix to help manage store operations, forecourt control, payment processing, and links with regional headquarters. It uses SAP for Retail and the SAP NetWeaver platform, and also runs Oracle CystalBall at its headquarters to help with business forecasting.

BP has been working to standardise its IT. Work peaked last year, when chief executive Tony Hayward cited the Forward Agenda, including standardisation, as contributing to record second quarter profits of £4.74 billion.

BP’s IT overhaul was targeted at reducing costs, complexity and duplication. The company is also looking to adopt more off-the-shelf applications to replace a raft of legacy bespoke systems.

The HughesNet service is also used by BP rivals Shell and Exxon, and can also be used to handle credit and debit card transactions, real time fuel monitoring, targeted in-store advertising as well as to secure data and manage operational efficiency.

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