What you need to know about Theresa May's internet regulations: How will Theresa May regulate the internet?

Prime Minister Theresa May claims that internet regulations will deprive the extremists of their 'safe spaces online'


Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed that a new set of rules to govern internet usage should be introduced following the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street yesterday, May called for international agreements to help curb the spread of extremist materials, as well as demanding that internet companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter do more themselves. The big tech firms have rushed to defend their policies in response.

Her comments build on policies proposed in the Conservative election manifesto, which calls for new rules to protect internet users. They also follow the government's lengthy and heavily criticised Investigatory Powers Act, or 'Snooper's Charter', which provides intelligence services with extended surveillance powers.

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We explain what you need to know about the government’s latest attempts to tighten internet regulations...