Best enterprise password managers

Here are some top password managers to prevent your business from being hacked


Cyber crime is showing no signs of slowing down. Everything from consumers' smartphone to a Fortune 500 enterprise is a target, so it's more important than ever to take preemptive measures against cyber attack.

One simple measure your organisation can take is to use a strong password for every site or service you use - the kind that can't be guessed easily or 'brute forced' by automated software crawling through dictionaries for possible word combinations.

Naturally it is difficult to remember different passwords, and all the more so when they're complex strings of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Physically writing them down is not the most secure option either. This is where a password manager comes in.

Users typically use a master password to access the password manager, which organises the credentials for sites and services you visit often, storing them locally, on the cloud, or both, in an encrypted file.

Most password managers tend to work this way, but finding the best one is the trick. Here are some of the best password managers for enterprise users.

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Additional reporting: Tamlin Magee.