Best anti-rootkit tools

Keep your system safe with these rootkit scanners and removers


A rootkit is a - typically harmful - group of software, generally associated with malware. Rootkits can infiltrate your computer undetected and intercept system functions without you becoming aware of it.  

Anti-rootkit tools protect against this harmful software, identifying its presence by detecting suspicious behaviour and then removing any rootkits discovered. 

Of course, the risks associated with rootkits can be mitigated to some extent by maintaining up to date antivirus software, but a dedicated anti-rootkit scanner can add another much-needed layer of protection. 

The most sophisticated rootkits out there will be difficult to detect and might even trick your antivirus into ignoring them or prevent it from running. Luckily there are dedicated products on hand to help.

Here, we run through the best tools available to keep rootkits at bay.

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´╗┐Additional reporting by Tamlin Magee