Best free and open source Microsoft Excel alternatives

We've listed some free alternatives to Excel that you should try out this year


One staple that runs through businesses is spreadsheets. They are not exciting, but are unbelievably useful in almost every business setting.

Most people opt for the convenience and familiar interface of Microsoft Excel, or more increasingly Google Sheets, but there are many free and open source alternatives giving these tech giants a run for their money. 

Often open source alternatives to big popular software are bare, offering sometimes limited functions. And using a stripped-back spreadsheet client isn't for everyone. Most people feel comfortable with Excel or Google because they know where everything is and how to perform common work tasks. 

But there is a lot to be said about using a bare-bones spreadsheet application. You aren't tied to a monthly subscription or big one off payment like you are with Microsoft and you can do tasks simply without over complicating the whole process. 

We've listed some of the top Microsoft Excel alternatives...

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Additional reporting by Thomas Macaulay and Laurie Clarke