Smartphone security tips for businesses

With an increasing number of busineses providing 'work' smartphones, managing their fleet's security is a growing concern


Just like PCs, smartphones are susceptible to a wide variety of cyber attacks, from remote hacking to malicious advertising and corrupt apps.

And cases of mobile malware are on the rise, with an increasing number of flaws being found in the Android platform in recent years.

For example, mobile malware increased by 400 percent in 2016 with smartphone representing 85 percent of all mobile device infections, according to the Nokia Threat Intelligent Report.

Lots of UK businesses provide employees with smartphones, which many often use as personal devices. This can lead to a whole host of malicious nasties. Afterall, it requires businesses to trust that employees will uphold good mobile security practices.

To help, we take a look at how businesses can secure their mobile fleet.

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