Interesting companies developing 5G in the UK

These are some of the key companies working to provide 5G coverage in the UK ahead of 2020

By Hannah Williams February 26, 2018|

The development of 5G networking standards is long underway, and a range of different telcos and tech companies are testing and trialling the ultrafast network technology around the world, in a bid to take a bigger piece of the pie.

To put it simply, 5G means fifth generation and is the newest generation of wireless mobile and broadband technology. The main advantages of the network are increased speed, capacity and a better user experience.

Although 5G isn't expected to roll out in countries including the UK until 2020, technology giants like Ericsson and BT have long been working towards the development of the network.

Here is a list of some companies which have been developing 5G tests and trials in the UK in recent years.

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