Ultrabooks in pictures - The newest, thinnest and lightest laptops

Ultrabooks, a term coined by Intel, give name to the increasingly thin, light, fast and (relatively) cheap Windows laptops popping up over the last year in reaction to the Apple MacBook Air and the iPad-led tablet craze


The iPad and other tablets are slowly but surely replacing laptops in many homes and offices. But there's a new category in town to keep the laptop from going extinct: the ultrabook. Having made a big splash at CES 2012, ultrabooks refer to thin and light Windows 7 laptops with guidelines set by Intel (roughly one inch thick, 3 lbs, 13-inch screen, solid-state drives, for around £1,000 or under).

Here's a look at 10 of the best ultrabooks, all of which will be able to run Windows 8 when launched this autumn.