Intel showcases the tech trends of tomorrow

Print your own robot and cars that understand what you say


Perceptual computing, which will let you control devices from tablets and Ultrabooks to your car dashboard using gesture, voice and eye motions is making waves in the technology world.

Intel has already published its software development kit for developers, so gesture control will be found in all kinds of devices very soon.

This means you’ll be able to control the TV with gestures - so farewell to the remote control. Our driving experience will also be transformed as drivers will be able to tell their car where to go, rather than programming a GPS system.

Gamers will be able truly to lose themselves in their virtual world, experincing shoot-em-ups and finding treasure with movement rather than with a mouse or a gamepad. Avid readers can turn the page of their e-book with a flick of the eye.

We take a look at the best of today's tech and forecast trends for tomorrow.