Eight major announcements at Google Cloud Next 2017: Customer wins, partnerships, machine learning and more

Google Cloud Next 2017 was five times larger than last year's event, with 10,000 attendees


Google made headway with its aim of enticing more large enterprise customers to its cloud platform at Google Cloud Next this week. The event was substantially bigger than the previous year’s event - adding an extra day and moving from San Francisco’s Pier 48 to the Moscone Centre. The number of attendees was five times higher, at 10,000.

Some of the big names from Google and parent company Alphabet - including executive chairman Eric Schmidt and CEO Sundar Pichai - discussed a range of subjects - from cloud migration to open source and machine learning.

There were lots of new product and service announcements, as well as insight into Google’s cloud strategy - Computerworld UK looks back at some of the major news…