5 Oracle licensing pitfalls customers should watch out for: How to avoid unexpected Oracle licence costs

What should business should consider to avoid additional license costs


How to avoid unexpected Oracle licence costs. Read on for tips and advice on how to avoid common Oracle licensing pitfalls encountered by businesses.

Oracle’s complex licensing has long been a source of frustration for customers, and audits can strike fear into any business.

And although recent reports have indicated that database customers are being offered a new flat-price 'PULA' license - taking of the pain out of its longstanding Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) - dealing with the vendor can still be intimidating for many.

Proactive management of licensing entitlements is key to avoid being landed with unexpected additional cost which can potentially run into seven figures, according to Jelle Wijndelts, software asset management consultant at Snow Software.

Here are some of the major pitfalls that businesses invested in Oracle should watch out for...