7 ways IT can do a better job of listening to its end-user customers

Admit it, IT doesn't always do the best job of listening to its customers. Here are seven strategies you can use to turn things around.


How to be a better listener

Consider the plight of the typical carmaker. Many of their customers are frustrated with their car experiences, yet this frustration can't be easily tapped due to data firewalls that surround the car buying and ownership process. As an example, your local garage might not know anything about your past service history at the dealership. Or if you have called the manufacturer's call centre to report a faulty part, the dealer doesn't know about that call. Customer experiences are not tracked across who owns vs. who drives the particular car, as many of us purchase cars for our spouses or children. These names don't show up on the paperwork at the dealership.

You wouldn't think that an IT manager can learn many end user best practices from the car industry, but you'd be wrong. Attending the latest Teradata Partners annual conference in Nashville in October, I heard some harrowing customer interaction stories from the beleaguered car industry, among others.

Here are some ways to avoid similar, sub-optimal customer experiences…