Which companies are working with quantum computers?

Quantum is the next frontier, who is leading the way?


Quantum computers rely on highly complex technology, but their potential is being hailed by many as world-altering. However, developing a quantum computer that works in practical terms is no mean feat.  

In the race to develop viable quantum technologies, the aim is to elongate the length of time that quantum bits (qubits) can hold a stable state (and we're talking in the realm of microseconds) before starting to deteriorate. The longer this highly volatile state can be maintained, the more functions the quantum computer can effectively carry out.

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However, achieving the conditions for this state poses a raft of issues, as the core components must be kept at very cool temperatures within a highly controlled atmosphere, for one. 

Working on these issues are a number of tech giants and a bunch of nimble startups looking to the lead the way into the world of quantum. Here are some of the most notable ones.