Smart fitting rooms: Bringing the online experience in-store

Digital and interactive fitting rooms that encourage shoppers to try and buy more could soon be found in a retailer near you


Most retailers have focused on using technology to improve the shopping experience online through their websites, or to improve stock and till systems in physical stores, but there is one crucial area of a shop that is apparently often overlooked - the fitting room.

Since the fitting room is where many shoppers buying clothes will make their most important decision for a retailer - whether or not to buy an item - Avanade and Accenture have designed a fitting room that uses smart technology to create a more engaging experience for customers. As well as this, the smart fitting room delivers information to the retailer about the shopping experience that they may not have been able to collect before, such as customer preferences and the busiest time of day for shoppers to try on clothes.

The smart fitting room is currently being piloted by a US department store chain, Kohl’s, in a few of its stores, but ComputerworldUK has been given a one-to-one demo of the features in a special set-up in Accenture’s offices in London.