Seven industrial internet of things examples: IoT in heavy industry

We've seen how the internet of things will help our homes, but how are the heavy industries making the most of the technology?


For some time now, we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about the internet of things (IoT) in the  consumer space – smart thermostats and such. See also: 12 best uses of IoT in the enterprise.

But another area it’s making a difference is in the heavy industries, allowing businesses to optimise the work of the big machinery and infrastructure they count upon.

This is the industrial internet of things, or the IIoT, where big machinery is connected and talking to one another, and back to centralised systems.

And analyst house Gartner believes IoT will move toward mainstream adoption in 2016 for many more industries. (See also: what is a graph database?)

Whether that’s in aerospace, defence, or oil and gas, we take a look at some areas where the ‘industrial internet of things’ is already proving its worth for the new, connected heavy industries.