18 Raspberry Pi projects for IT professionals: How to use the Raspberry Pi in the enterprise: Raspberry Pi hacks

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can make a big impact in the enterprise


Raspberry Pi is a versatile single board computer with heaps of potential in the enterprise.

This single-board design, aimed at making computers inexpensive enough to bring computer science to the poorest of schools, has kicked off a revolution not just in education, but in tapping computing power to interact with the environment around us. And along the way, this cheapest of the cheap computer has proved to have significant value in traditional IT and business contexts.

The following DIY projects just scratch the surface of how you can hack the Raspberry Pi, and its Arduino cousin, into an effective workplace tool.

Here's how to use the Raspberry Pi in your business.

If you don't yet own a Raspberry Pi, you can purchase one from RS, Maplin and Currys for around £20-£30.

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