The 10 fastest supercomputers on the planet

China leads the way in the TOP500 list


The latest edition of the Top500 supercomputers list was released this month and China continues to lead the pack in terms of total number of systems, accounting for 202. The United States of America came in at its lowest level in 25 years with 143, but still keeps second place overall.

With 35 systems, Japan comes in third and coming in at fourth is Germany with 20, highlighting the significant gap between it and the leader, China.

The November report found that just six months ago the US led with 169 system, with China initially falling short with 160 systems, but the tables have been swiftly turned by the Communist country.

The UK has 15 machines, coming in at sixth position.

Since the June edition of the Top500, the running order hasn't drastically changed, although there are a few notable changes.

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