A history of UK broadband roll out: BT, Openreach and other major milestones

We take a look back at the history of broadband roll out in the UK since 2000, from BT Group's milestones to Ofcom laws


As the UK broadband industry faces a period of change, internet providers such as BT are taking action to roll out ultrafast broadband in major cities.

However, a report from Which? found that UK broadband is currently 51 percent slower than the advertised speed. And UK households are receiving only half the broadband speed they are paying for.

This means customers on a 38Mbps service plan are actually only receiving an average speed of 19Mbps, according to the report.

The UK's broadband rollout has been a bumpy one since it was launched in 2000, with the government failing to deliver on promises and some internet services still yet to reach rural communities. Read on to find out about the major milestones in the UK's broadband roll out...

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Additional reporting by Hannah Williams