Best cloud IoT platforms

We run through the major cloud IoT platforms to manage devices, store data and mine insights from connected assets

By Scott Carey & Thomas Macaulay February 26, 2018|

As businesses look to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting internet-enabled devices to assets and relay that information back to key decision makers, the need for a platform to store, manage and analyse all this data is increasingly important.

The good news is there are lots of options on the market. All of the big players in public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM) have developed IoT platforms on top of their infrastructure,  and there are also smaller pure-play options for more industrial IoT (IIoT) uses.

The bad news is this means the IoT platform market can be a bit of a jungle, with all of the big players promising the easiest, smartest platform available.

We run through the best IoT platforms for your business that can help you get the most out of connected assets and the data they collect to create operating efficiencies and even new business models.

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