Best external hard drives

Here are the best external hard drives to handle all of your data storage needs


There comes a time when most of us will outgrow the measly amount of storage offered by our phones and computers. When this does occur, you have a few options: you can increasingly rely on cloud storage services from the likes of Dropbox or Apple's iCloud; you can invest in a solid state drive (SSD); or you can purchase an external hard drive more than capable of handling your most excessive storage needs. 

External hard drives are a secure, simple and increasingly cheap way of storing extra data, without locking you into a cloud-based storage subscription plan. These can handle terabytes of data, so have you covered for a very long time. If you choose to trade in your laptop, you could easily store files here until you get your replacement.

Here, we run through some of the best external hard drives available on the market right now.