Internet of things platforms: Azure, AWS, IBM Watson and more - Which is the best IoT platform for your business?

AWS, Azure and IBM Watson all provide IoT services, we examine these and other offerings


The internet of things is about connecting internet-enabled devices that relay information back to us, to (typically cloud-based) applications and to each other (device to device). See also: 12 best uses of IoT in the enterprise.

Put simply, IoT platforms connect the sensors and data network to one another, integrating with back-end applications to provide insight into large volumes of data. For example, it means that businesses with IoT networks can trigger push notifications automatically when a device come in contact with a particular sensor, providing real-time analytics of events.

Unsurprisingly, IoT has become a clear area of focus for some of the leading IT vendors recently, with many keen to capitalise on early interest and position themselves as the IoT market matures.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, with its Azure public cloud, arguably have the most complete portfolios of IoT services and platforms at the moment. However they are far from the only large tech firms creating products that help businesses manage, secure and analyse IoT data.

Here are some of the leading internet of things platforms currently available from the big IT vendors...