Oracle vs Amazon: Oracle's public cloud milestones so far

How Oracle has gone from cloud sceptic in 2008 to trying to take on the biggest IaaS provider in the market in 2016


The centrepiece of Oracle OpenWorld 2016 this week is a plan to go head to head with Amazon Web Services within the infrastructure as a service market. Oracle is a relative latecomer to the public cloud market but boldly claims its Generation 2 IaaS can take on AWS' offerings. It's ambitious to say the least: a Gartner report last year said AWS’s IaaS cloud is ten times bigger than the next 14 competitors combined, not that you'd know it from Oracle's bullish language.

"Amazon's lead is over," CTO Larry Ellison said during his opening keynote. He promised the service will deliver twice the compute, twice the memory, four times the storage and ten times more I/O at 20 percent lower cost than AWS.

Bold words indeed, and certainly a far cry from when Ellison dismissed cloud as just a fad. Here are some of the main milestones in Oracle's shifting approach to public cloud over the past decade...