Nine of the top digital people who’ve left UK government

Whitehall says goodbye to some of the government's top digital reformers


The 2017 general election sent shockwaves throughout the government, and the digital department was no exception.

Ben Gummer, the Cabinet Office minister in charge of digital transformation, lost his marginal Ipswich seat in one of the biggest upsets of the evening. 

Gummer was one of the driving forces behind the release of the Government Transformation Strategy in February, and his exit adds major uncertainty to the government's digital plans.

The departure of Gummer is the biggest loss to the government's digital team since that of Government Digital Service (GDS) executive director Stephen Foreshew-Cain in 2016. Foreshew-Cain was one of a spate of senior figures to leave GDS in just a short period of time, including that of his predecessor Mike Bracken in 2015.

Bracken helped set the unit up in 2011, and his resignation was followed by those of several other GDS staff members.